Insuring the Uninsurable

A New Program Offers Life Insurance for Declined Cases

– By DuWayne Kilbo


It always seems to happen.  You have a client—probably one of your best clients — who desperately needs to buy life insurance to cover a loan or a business buy-sell and is willing to pay the price for whatever they can get.  You’ve sealed the deal — but because of health problems or other issues you are unable to deliver an offer from any carrier—at any price.

It’s a conundrum for the ages, but now there is a solution.

Windsor recently developed a relationship with a creative A.M. Best “A” rated domestic carrier to tackle this very problem.

While it turns our collective underwriting thought process on its head, this insurer is looking for cases that have been declinedYES, DECLINED–by all other carriers in the industry, with the ultimate goal of issuing life insurance policies on these uninsurable risks.

Here are some recent examples of offers made to individuals who were declined by other carriers —



Though the above health profiles are cause for serious concern, our carrier is looking for applicants with at least 5 years of life expectancy with stability of impairment.  This may also include cases of stable HIV, kidney disease, alcohol/drug use and a variety of other impairments

In addition, significant nonmedical issues such as driving and foreign travel (but not to war zones) may be considered.

Out-of-program examples—due to their volatility—include conditions such as AIDS, ALS, dementia more than a mild cognitive impairment, COPD on oxygen, and a body mass index greater than 60.

Here are some product details to keep in mind:

  • Plans of coverage available:
  • 5 year term, issuable from ages 20 to 70
  • 10 year term, issuable from ages 20 to 60
  • Both plans are nonconvertible and nonrenewable, and issued on an age-nearest basis
  • Face amounts offered – $250,000 to $4,000,000
  • Coverage is available in all states except New York, Vermont, Alabama and Mississippi

Because of the high risk nature of the impairments being insured, the rating classes are loaded a bit more than what you may find on other similarly rated domestic products.

If you have a client who needs and wants coverage and has been declined by every carrier in the industry, call me now (800.410.9890 –  This is a program you’ll want to discuss.  It could save you a case, and make you a hero to a valuable client.

3 thoughts on “Insuring the Uninsurable

  1. Wow DK, this is really interesting! I have SO many questions-I’ll have to bend your ear when I see you at Hanks SG.


  2. Very interesting. I agree most carriers are only intestested in cherry picking the clean business and anything above Table F seems to be declined. I hope your placement proves acceptable and then of course the questions regarding mortality and profitability will be interesting to learn.


  3. I agree there are a lot of extremely wealthy applicants who are out there who are willing to pay the price to insure items that have extremely high value. We would have to make sure the value of the assets is verified by more than one reputable source.


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